Introducing FoodBridge

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The Challenge

Food Deserts Exist Right Here in America

Food Insecurity Is on the Rise

Food Bank Expansion Can Support Smaller, Stretched Hunger Relief Organizations (HRO’s)

  • A recent 12-state study showed an average of less than 5 HRO’s per 100,000 people and 7 per 1000 square miles
  • Less than 16% of all census tracts had at least one HRO with nearly 65% being smaller faith based pantry locations – not food banks
  • Nearly 35% of HROs lack hours of operation information, while 50% of those that do are open 2 or more days a week, often limited to holidays.
  • Only 36% of food insecure households and less than 7% of all households used a HRO in 2020
  • While Feeding America advertises over 200 food banks and 60K food programs, almost none are able to accept EBT for federal aid

Nearly 34 million people in the US live in food-insecure households

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Our Solution

Bridging the Gap

Introducing FoodBridge

FoodBridge is a fully enabled SNAP commerce ecosystem that combines scalable technology and resources to support the efforts of Hunger Relief Organizations (HROs) and the entire food bank network across the country.

This platform serves as both a commerce infrastructure, providing API connectivity for partners, and a vertically integrated system that allows for a direct-to-consumer experience. By accepting SNAP and other revenue-generating forms of food assistance, FoodBridge aims to ensure the financial sustainability of HROs and improve access to nutritious food for food-insecure households.

FoodBridge is Powered by:

BlueSky Commerce + KLaunch

5 Key Opportunities

Improve Access

We need to meet our food insecure neighbors where they are. By making fulfillment services available and affordable (preferably free) to neighbors and eligible Food Insecure neighbors across the region in all channels.

Increase Adoption

We must encourage neighbors in and out of the Food Insecure community to ACTIVELY take advantage of their benefits with access points digitally and physically they interact with daily.

Create Connectivity

We can leverage partnerships in the retail, agriculture, nonprofit and technology sectors to build a platform that enables food insecure neighbors and the food insecure community commerce throughout the country.

Drive Efficiency

We have to build a business model that combines scalable technology & resources across the supply chain from sourcing to eating for the entire food insecure community & drive food insecure qualifications where possible.

Path to Sustainability

In order to provide long term viability for the community, we must facilitate food banks and pantries to run a profitable operation from the solutions we implement.

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Our Results

Power in the Palm of Their Hands

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Reduce call volume by over 30%

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Increased contact center availability to 24/7 with no additional resources

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Increase distribution to food insecure neighbors through food handed out and boxes delivered

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